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"You are the heart and soul of your business. When you transform, your business does too."

Vivian De Guzman 

#1 Money Magnet Activator

Hi! I’m Vivian. I am the #1 Money Magnet Activator and “Human MRI”.  For over 29 years, I have used my unique spiritual gifts to transform the lives of overwhelmed female business owners so they can attract more money, enjoy better health and live a happier life. 

As a business intuitive and multimodality healer, I get to the root of my clients’ invisible money blocks and clear them away for good. My clients often experience more clarity, focus and money flow in as little as one session.


Helping my clients to get from where they are to where they want to be is my soul mission and purpose. Let me show you what is possible for you. 


YOU hold the keys to your success because YOU are the most important person in your business. Every decision you make ultimately affects your reality: your health, your relationships, and your financial success. 

When you allow fear and limitations to get in your way, you are essentially saying “NO” to the things you want, without even realizing it! 

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Running around in a constant state of emergency

  •  Juggling a million things at all hours of the day

  • Feeling burned out and defeated with very little to show for it

  • Only when you choose to let go of your fears and surrender, then you are ready to say “yes” to the abundance and money flow you deserve

You can make money fast without running your

body into the ground.

Here is How I Can Help You...

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My Spiritual Money Rx where I help female business owners collapse time-space reality and activate their money magnetism to 6 and 7 figures with ease, focus and clarity.  Watch it on KP Media TV, Roku, YouTube, Amazon Firestick, or Facebook: Wealthy Money Mindset

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Download my eBook, “Awaken Your Medical Intuition,” to get in touch with your spiritual gifts and gain a better understanding as to how you can use them to help others. 

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Steven Kao

Financial Advisor

“Within one month of working with Vivian, I brought in half a million dollars in new business, found 5 new clients and even found a new mentor who opened up new ways for me to do business.”

Ela Pitkin

Credit Repair Expert of American Best Credit

“My goal for 90 days was to get $120,000 which I thought would be impossible when I set it after my husband suddenly left me and took everything not bolted on the ground. After 90 days, I got $120,000 right on the button. That was my life savings!”

Didi Wong

Award-Winning International Speaker and TV Producer

“My oh my! She wasn't kidding when she says she is the money magnet . I have three big chunks of money come my way since and people just showing up in my life out of the blue seeking to pay me for my services! All I can say is, I believe in Vivian's magic healing talent and I feel in my gut that she cleared off the stale energy I may have had and I walked out a new woman.”

Christi Turley Diamond

AromaHeal author and The Healing Coach

"Vivian is so gifted! I have never seen anyone so clear and laser focused on knowing what is going on with the body and so precise! I felt like a changed person after a session with her. She was thorough and did so much in an hours time. She explains everything. I felt such a shift in my body and in my life for months after. She is truly a gift! So grateful for her work!"

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